IPC-7711/7721C - Rework, Modification & Repair Of Electronic Assemblies

IPC-7711/7721C is also modularized to provide companies flexibility in training CIS candidates. IPC addresses this in three (3) Parts.

Part 1: Common Procedures (Mandatory)

  • Part 1 is a prerequisite for both Part 2 “Rework” and Part 3 “Modification and Repair.”
    This mandatory module presents the scope, purpose, background, and controls for IPC-7711C and IPC-7721C. It addresses IPC Policies and Procedures, process goals and guidelines associated with rework/repair of surface mount and through-hole components, PCB handling, EOS/ESD protection, cleaning, and preheating procedures. Before proceeding to optional modules, the CIS candidate must pass a 20-question open book exam with a score of 70 percent or higher.

    Part 2: Rework (IPC-7711C)


    Part 3: Modification and Repair (IPC-7721C)