Client Services

In addition to IPC certification training, AEIC provides several other client services. These are:

  • New Product Training Support
  • On-Site Training Evaluation
  • Consulting
  • Sales Representative Support
  • New Product Training Support

    Our most recent programs involve training support for new product introduction. Focus of this program is to provide a technical and communications bridge in transfer of technology and new product requirements between Engineering and Manufacturing organizations.

    Engineering requirements for new processes and packaging serve as input for development of new Manufacturing training programs. Initiated prior to product introduction, these new training programs enhance a smooth flow in product introduction, with a marked reduction in both startup costs and scrap. Communications between organizations are fully interactive and greatly enhanced. This model provides management a unique tool to assure a timely, successful product introduction.

    On-Site Training Evaluation

    Often our clients have a perceived need for training but may be unsure of how to identify these needs. AEIC can assist via on-site evaluation of ongoing operations. We’re “the other set of eyes” that see things from a different, outsider perspective. Based on our on-site observations, personnel skills evaluation, and stated company goals, we can assess specific training needs and recommend a course of action to satisfy these needs.


    AEIC offers a broad range of consulting services to the SMT industry. These include process evaluation and improvement, equipment evaluation and selection, competitive analyses, and materials evaluation and selection. We can also assist with documentation development for new and existing programs.

    Sales Representative Support

    AEIC can provide on-site or consortium training for your clients. Our programs span a full range of topics, from simple through-hole soldering to mixed-technology (SMT and through-hole) soldering to BGA/CSP rework/repair. All programs include lead-free soldering. We customize our training to meet specific client needs in program content and duration.

    Please contact us to discuss your training and support service needs.

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