AEIC Training & Services


AEIC offers a comprehensive range of operator proficiency and certification training courses to enhance your assembly operations. All use IPC-A 610G or J-STD-001G as their technical basis. As a client, you may wish to incorporate other in-house workmanship elements. Skills training offerings include:

We typically customize each course to meet client training requirements. For example, you may wish to combine specific through-hole and surface mount topics while deleting others from a generic course outline. In addition, you may increase or decrease the time allocation for specific topics to meet your needs.

While we present most programs on the client site, we also hold convenient local Consortium classes in MA, CT, RI, NY and NJ. All courses are offered for multi-shift operations.

If requested, we will supply soldering stations, hand tools, and microscopes for student use. In addition to practice and certification boards and components, each student receives an AEIC Student Guide covering topics addressed in the course. Students successfully completing the course receive an AEIC certification referencing the client-specified standard.

Pricing varies according to class length and class size. To maximize student learning we limit skills training class size to 10 students.