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Our Mission

The AEIC mission: To become a leading training and education resource for the electronics industry. We have achieved that recognition. We currently offer a comprehensive range of assembly training programs for the electronics industry. We strive to integrate new technology programs as we continue improvements on our existing programs.


Company Profile

Doug Peck founded the AEIC in 1992 as a training and education center for the electronics industry. We have developed a significant client base and seek to provide them the excellence in assembly training which they expect. We believe that the trainer you select must be current in the latest technologies. We want to be that trainer.

Our philosophy is that a training program is never complete - there will always be need for updates and improvements. We seek to provide maximum flexibility in customizing our training programs to meet your precise needs.

We are alert to emerging technologies, their evolution into product, and the resulting need for new training programs. We solicit your help in refining these needs and helping us to help you!


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