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IPC-A-610H is the Inspection Standard for the Elecronics Industry.

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IPC-WHMA-A-620D defines Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Harness Assemblies.

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IPC-J-STD-001H uses Process Control for Electronic Assemblies. IPC-J-STD-001HS supports Space and Military Applications.

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IPC-7711/7721C prescribes Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies.


AEIC has been providing industry relevant solder training programs and certifications for over 25 years. Course offerings have included both customized courses developed for client-specific requirements as well as multiple IPC CIS certification and IPC CIS re-certification programs.

IPC has issued several industry-consensus documents for electronics. Together, these standards provide a comprehensive information resource allowing companies development flexibility in implementation. These include:

IPC-A-610H Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

IPC/WHMA-A-620D Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

IPC J-STD-001H Joint Industry Standard - Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

IPC J-STD-001HS Joint Industry Standard - Space and Military Applications

IPC-7711/7721C Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies



As an IPC-Certified Trainer (CIT), AEIC is pleased to offer multi-shift IPC Specialist (CIS) certification training for each of these standards. Classes may be held at the client facility or at convenient consortium locations (Manchester NH, Burlington MA, Springfield MA, Danbury CT, Long Island NY, and Morristown NJ). We also offer IPC re-certification training for each of these standards. Let AEIC be your choice for electronics training and certification.


AEIC provides IPC CIS certifications to wide range of clients. These include military contractors, consumer electronic suppliers, OEM & EMS suppliers, and individuals seeking personal certifications.